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Unless otherwise noted, all horizontal banner ad sizes are ROS (run of site), meaning they may appear on any and all pages throughout the site.  Vertical banner ads run on all pages of the site except the message forums.  There is a three month minimum LOR (length of run) - no monthly pricing is available.  Banner pricing does not include banner design, however banner design quotes are available and generally start at $50.  You may also supply your own banners.

There are two types of banner ads available, horizontal and vertical. 

Horizontal banner ads are featured prominently at the top of the pages on which they are displayed.

Vertical banner ads are displayed vertically on the right side of the content area of the page on which they are displayed.

  • Vertical banners ads are not displayed in the Message Forums.
  • Embedded audio or continuous looping animation in banners is not permitted.
  • Animation is allowed - loop limit: four loops within 15 seconds.
  • ALT text limit - 65 characters including spaces.
  • Recommended - make your ad with a 1 pixel border.  Gray or black is recommended, though any color that helps to distinguish your ad from the content is good.
  • Click-thru URL Limit: 450 characters.
  • All ads will automatically stop displaying at the end of their LOR (length of run).
  • New: You may send multiple banners to automatically swap out as time goes by (i.e., Banner1 runs two weeks, Banner2 runs two weeks, etc.).  Sample Usage: A banner runs for two weeks prior to tournament, then switches to next tournament's banner. Number of banners are determined at the time of banner purchase.  Each additional banner incurs a $25 setup charge.
  • Payment mathods: Cash, check or credit card (3% surcharge). Banners begin their run when payment is received only. Note: Checks returned for NSF incur a $50 charge - banners are suspended until payment is made for check and bounce fee.
  • Oklahoma Ball reserves the right to refuse or edit any banner.
  • No refunds are provided should you decide to end a banner run early.
  • Available: Banner design services starting at $50.00 per banner.

There are five banner ad sizes available: Length of Run (LOR)

File size
File Type
3 months
6 months
One year
 Leaderboard XXL
 Leaderboard XL
 Jumbo Banner
756 x 230
756 x 170
756 x 115
468 x 100
50 kb max
42 kb max
35 kb max
20 kb max
.jpg, .gif, .swf, .html
.jpg, .gif, .swf, .html
.jpg, .gif, .swf, .html
.jpg, .gif, .swf, .html

 Standard Vertical
 Mini Button
120 x 480
120 x 160
120 x 60
20 kb max
8 kb max
4 kb max
.jpg, .gif, .swf, .html
.jpg, .gif, .swf, .html
.jpg, .gif, .swf, .html

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