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The View From the Field
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I walked into the park tonight with a swagger in my stride.
Surely everyone could see, this dad was filled with pride.
I stepped into the stands, making sure my chest was stuck out proud.
Tonight would be a tough one, I was ready to get loud.

My daughter is the best, and always sets the pace.
I can see that through the rose colored glasses that sit gently on my face.
So then the game was starting and as I settled in.
I wondered why the other team showed up when they knew they couldnt win.

Our opponent was first to hit and our team fell behind.
Oh these stupid umpires, they must be freakin blind.
I yelled and sreamed then yelled some more.
It had to be their fault that our team couldnt score.

My daughter took her turn and struck out One, Two, Three.
I let the umpire have it. She shook her head as she looked at me.
Now the inning ended and the other teams up to bat.
Their first batter grounded out, I screamed "There take that!"

The parents on the other side just looked at me and glared.
I even called one parent out "come get some I'm prepared".
Well the daddy on the other side said "Ok, I'll take a shot"
I told him "well come on then, show me what you got"

And as we squared off nose to nose preparing to throw down.
I heard my daughter call to me "Daddy stop this now!!"
Through tear filled eyes she asked of me "Don't you understand?"
"This game is about us girls out here, not the parents in the stand"

"We dont care who's One or Two or even Three and Four,
and this game means much more to us than just the final score"
"We dont care about the message boards or what so and so had to say"
"Why can't you guys please understand, We just want to play"

As she spoke I realized exactly what I'd done
I'd taken something innocent, and sucked out all the fun.
I felt bad that I'd done this and hung my head in shame.
My ego got the best of me, I'd forgotten it was just a game.

I'd learned a lesson the hard way. So here is my appeal
Always remember the girls out there, can see you from the field.

TJ, July 27th 2006

Reprinted with permission

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